Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kids Valentine "MailBag"

I love Valentine's Day (actually the whole month for that matter). It truely is a great month to be able to let others know how much you love them and be reminded to share that LOVE all year long.

This year I wanted my children to have some sort of a "mailbox". Then in it, I could put my messages of love to them. I am going to mix it up with candy, activities and toys(from the Dollar store of course). It will be FUN. I will share everyday what I did.

1-Simple fabric bag from the Dollar Store(I have 3 girls and 1 boy, thats why there is a blue one).

2-Cut off handle from back side of bag.

3-I cut fabric to fit in between the exsisting panels. I gave it a frayed look by pulling the edge strings.

4-Sew on the fabric to the bag(denim needle)

5-Using a cut off piece from the unused handle, sew it to the back of the bag.

6-Cut a piece of velcro with sticky backs to adhere to the front of the bag & the "latch" piece.

7-To make the front "latch" look pretty I used an acrylic heart backed with "aged" fabric, metal heart and a diamond brad. I just poked it thru on the latch just above the Velcro.

8-I wanted this specific shape but I like the rugged look so I figured out this technique. I got the "aged" look by taking the edge of the scissors and scrapping it across the blade(kind of like ribbon you want to make curly). It seemed to work.


10-I just hung it on the front of their bedroom doors with the Removable Hooks.

11-The "mail flag". I got a clothes pin and Mod Podged some coordinating fabric. I put stickers on one side and then did a another coat of Mod Podge. The other side is blank which = no mail.

I hope this month you will share your LOVE with the people that matter most! {And maybe in some FUN ways!}

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