Thursday, February 4, 2010

Better Than _ _ _ Cake & Strengthening Marriage

Do I DARE say the word??... Do you have a husband? If so, then _ _ _ is a beautiful, clean, sacred, and wonderful word!! This cake is wonderful too, but never "better" than _ _ _, especially in marriage! I am not saying this because it's one of my hobbies or anything of the sort... actually, it's rarely on my mind... the cake? Yes... _ _ _? NO!
(recipe at end of post)

Most of the time I would say that I could live without _ _ _. But there ARE those that cannot. And maybe YOU are one of those (you lucky girl). But for a guy, _ _ _ is more important than we women could ever realize, especially in their marriage!
That is why I want to introduce you (again) to my biggest inspiration for strengthening my own marriage... Her name is Laura Brotherson, author of the best book ever- "And They Were Not Ashamed". Do you have this book? If not I highly recommend it, whether you have a strong marriage or not!

I've met Laura personally (after reading her book) and we have become friends. She lives in my town and is an amazing person. She is passionate about teaching other women (and men) how to strengthen their marriages through _ _ _ual intimacy.

Now ladies, if you struggle with this in your marriage.... Please take my advice and GET OVER to Laura's website right now!!! SAVE your marriage! "Fire-proof" it! Strengthen it NOW in time for Valentine's Day! ♥ ♥ Laura has the "recipe" for this. And YOU will benefit greatly as well as your husband. (We all know that!)

**I want you know that I am not getting any kind of "kick-back" or freebies from Laura B for posting her info, nor am I doing it because she's a friend. I am simply sharing this because I am a tried and true believer and I know how "s_ _ _" can bring the magic back into any marriage.
DON'T SETTLE FOR THE CAKE. IT'S NOT BETTER!! (Well unless you promise to have BOTH!) {{winks}} Here's my recipe...

1 yellow cake mix
1 small pkg instant chocolate pudding
2 c water
2 eggs
-Bake above ingredients at 350 for about 25 min. Do not overbake! Let cake cool completely.

1 cube butter (melted & cooled)
1 c (heaping) powdered sugar
1 T water
-Mix above, then fold in
8oz tub Cool Whip

-Sprinkle 3 Heath candybars (crushed up) over cake. MMmmmmm! BUT... not better! :o)

**UPDATE: I had to take the "3-letter word" out of this post so that search engines don't bring in the wrong kind of people. We're just not "in Kansas anymore" these days!! A friend of mine told me that she can no longer access this blog from work (and I think it's because I have that certain word in a post). That's good! Shows the internet protection programs are working!! :o) Pin It


  1. Thanks for sharing this.
    I'm in agreement with you. The cake is good but it isn't THAT good!
    The real thing is better and such a great way to have a great marriage.
    I also greatly appreciate that you clarified the whole post by asking the question "Do you have a husband?"

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  3. I have been married four years now. Three of those years have been without sex. My wife seemed to enjoy it at first but then after having a baby she decided to stop. Now she says that she don't like it and she will not do something that she do want. She does not see that sex is important and that I am only a sex hungry pig. Our marriage suffers and we are growing apart each day. I feel that if she really loved me then she would do anything to for me. I see that I am not important enough to her to hold and to treasure. Thanks for sharing your insights although my wife will not listen.

  4. Jons- I am so sorry. If this helps at all, I know you are not alone. I've heard similar stories from others. You would both benefit greatly from Laura Brotherson. I hope, and WILL pray for your wife's heart to be softened with a DESIRE to listen and change. It's not easy for either spouse because of the way we are so differently "wired", but there just has to be give and take and we HAVE to put each other first. You are not a "sex hungry pig", just a NORMAL male!! If ALL women could just even try to understand this, marriages everywhere would be SO much stronger, and husbands would be so much happier (and in turn, their wives too!)

  5. If you ask any of my girlfriends, they would say it is true that I tend to take the "soap box" with this subject. Before I was married, the importance of physical intimacy (sex) was mentioned in a "Prep. for Marriage" class I took. Then after my hubby and I got married we took a "Celestial Marriage" class together, and the biggest thing we remember from it was the importance of SELFLESSNESS!! Then down the road I learned about Laura's book and became a reader and fan of it right away. A combo of the above, plus a handfull of awesome girlfriends along the way to talk to for moral support, and to know that I'm not alone with my lack of "desire"... I continue to be an advocate and support for all my "girls" becuase I feel it is THAT important!! Marriages are failing all around us, but (I promise) they can be saved with simply a little seflessnes from both sides! ♥

  6. Here's a comment from one of our readers, sent to me by email...
    "Thanks so much for blogging about something many consider 'taboo'. I love to listen to podcasts on my ipod while I do housework and so I've subscribed ot Laura's audiocast and I am really looking forward to it. I know I could use some insights in this regard and perhaps it will be the best Valentine I could give my husband.

  7. HAHA! Thanks for sharing! When we make this cake, my hubbie and I change the name to ~ 'Dosen't' compare to sex' cake! hehe...
    I've seen that book in Deseret Book and have thought about buying it to read, I think now I definetly will!


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