Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well Loved Pantry Door

When we moved into our house 3 years ago I needed a place to put misc. notes on and write notes for grocery shopping(since I have too many other lists hanging around, and sometimes they get lost). So I thought why not make the most of the pantry door. We were able to find a discounted unpainted door.

On the side facing the kitchen I put magnet board(from our local metal shop store) and hope to one day finish the molding that is suppose to go around the edge. The other side I painted with chalkboard paint so I could write anything down that we needed at the grocery store. When I'm ready to go food (or "other") shopping I just add it to my grocery list and I'm ready. The bottom portion of the chalkboard side is reserved for my children to doodle on. They sometimes like to do that while fixing dinner. You could find any container to put the chalk & eraser in. I think I found mine in the kitchen section at Bed Bath & Beyond. Just use some double stick foam tape- its awesome!

*TIP: After painting with the chalkboard paint(spray one is easier-6 coats) you need to condition the chalkboard. Just lay the chalk down on its side and completely cover the board in chalk then you can use the eraser to wipe it off and its ready to go. If you don't do this then you will forever see the first thing you wrote.
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  1. Great idea! I love it. Love the whole blog, thanks for sharing your talents. :)

  2. I'm blessed to share. Thanks you for visiting our blog!


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