Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekly Activity Binders [system part 2]

I came up with these binders because I wanted to reinforce what gospel principle we teach on Monday for FHE. I wanted our children to have that "daily dose of vitamin gospel" instead of just Sunday & Monday. So I was inspired to use the YW values and the colors that represent them. Each day is a value and activity idea. {Sun- church/articles of faith-each month we focus on one/service projects/journals; Mon-FHE; Tues-music; Wed-crafts; Thurs- learning/scripture story time; Fri- game time; Sat- clean house/sunday prep/painting art time} So on that day we would do the activity that would help to reinforce the FHE lesson topic mentioned on Monday.

{FOR EXAMPLE: if we talked about Service on Monday, we would sing about service on Tues, do a craft and maybe give it to someone on Wed, we would read a scripture story about someone giving service on Thurs, we would play a game about service on Fri, we would do an art picture for someone on Sat and then we would write in our journals about our feelings about service on Sun.} I have 3 binders: 1-Sun/Mon/Tues, 2-Wed/Thurs, 3-Fri/Sat.

This is the front cover page of each "day/section". After this page are activity ideas in sheet protectors. Its nice to be able to just flip to an idea.

These are my easy version of "tab dividers". Colored ribbon and paperclips.

As I have listened to the General Authorities, I can hear their plea for us as parents to arm our children with the strength to fight the evils of this world. I want my children to have the best defense!

I hope you have a system to help your children know the importance of this Gospel and how to live it daily. Pin It

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