Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Handy Helpers

To help me organize when I go food or "other" shopping I take 2 helpers with me.

For me, this system works for my coupons. {WARNING: I love couponing but I am not a extreme couponer.} I bought this small black 13 pocket divider. I labeled each by month and in each month I cut some paper to divide it even more. One section is for food coupons, another section is for "Health and Beauty" and the last section I put misc. coupons. I will get the newspaper or print coupons from online. Then I just put them in date order. In the very back I put a pair of scissors and an extra pen.

The little pink 13 pocket divider I put in my car {but I'm going to be adding it to my purse} for my receipts. When I buy somthing I just put it in the right section. At the end of the month I can do my budgeting. I've been doing this for a couple of years so this year I'm going to try to put a budgeted amount of money in certain pockets and when that money's gone I know we are done spending money in that category. I think it will be easier to not over spend! I really do love this little pocket helper because if I have to return anything I know right where the receipt is.
FYI my dividers are labeled as: Post Office, Movies/Meals Out, Fuel, Just Food, Food and "Other", Just "Other", Church, Gifts, Kids, Me, Business, Punch cards, Misc.

I hope you have a system that works for you to keep all coupons/receipts in order. If not try my idea! Pin It


  1. Heather,
    What a great Idea like many others you have!! Now I know where to put my receipts then our glove box in Car. So well done!!

    Hope I'am doing these comments right


  2. Love the idea for the receipts. I have to try that!

  3. Thank you ladies. Good luck in keeping those receipts in YOUR handy helper.

  4. I love this idea...I have the pink little filer too, but I don't have a system that really works yet, looks like I have something to try now! Thanks so much!

  5. I'm nearing the end of writing a series on coupon organization and would love to include pictures and a link of your system... are you OK with that!? :)

    Here is my first post (links are at the end for the other posts in the series). Thanks!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!


  6. thank you Cathy for posting and linking here to share this idea!


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