Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Inside {My} Organized Purse

This is my last organizing idea for the month. I know for me it has been really good. There has been some projects that have been well over due in getting done. I hope you have had a chance to get some things organized this month in your homes.

I love purses! They come in all sizes, shapes and colors. My other purse was looking a little ragged, a little too small and not very organized. I'm so excited to use my new handmade purse.
To keep my purse organized I've put little stuff in containers. I love containers. They help keep "things" so tidy.

Just a few of the containers. Beauty Bag, "Tools" container, ABC container(great idea to keep the kids entertained at anywhere you have extra time).

1-These are the not so pretty beginning. Remember to "sand it" so the fabric will adhere.

2-Cut a piece of fabric {I love how fabric lays better than paper and doesn't get bubbles}and put a coat of modge podge on container at adhere the fabric.

3-Cut the corners so they will lay flush and not bunched up.

4-After glue has dried, cut fabric excess off.

5-Modge podge the final coat to protect.
Purse "tute" follows:

I was inspired to make a purse like this but with "Heather" style. I just got a denim skirt from Goodwill(at 1/2 price= $1.00). I think they use denim pants but I think a skirt works so much better.

1-Using a simple Crayola marker(if you make a mistake this comes out really well with a wet wipe) draw the outline of a design with your stencil you would like to stitch. I used embroidery floss to do the stitching.

2-My stitching is complete!

3-Turn skirt inside out and measure the width (add 1 inch to the measurment). Pull sides a little to get correct measurment.

4-Measure the length. I started just under the "main seam". Remember to double this number because you will be folding it in half.

5-Cut a piece of your desired fabric. Fold is at bottom.

6-Stitch 1/2 inch seam on each end.

7-When done with the ends, fold right sides together and stitch down each side.

8-Turn the skirt inside out and stitch along the bottom edge {Make sure you have denim needle!}.

9-Go to side of skirt and pinch to make a triangle.

10-Sew like this...

11-This is the "pleat" edge effect.

12-The look from the bottom of the purse.

13-Stuff fabric pouch inside the skirt.

14-Starting at the button/zipper(front); start pinning the inside fabric to the skirt going around(if there is any excess just fold it over close to a side-TIP: its better to have excess than not enough)

15-Your ready to sew them together. I put it this way so I can get a straighter line guided by the exsistin stitching. Just remember to watch for your pins and pull them our before you get to them!

16-I unbuttoned it so I could finish the stitching off.

17-Cut a belt(also found at goodwill for only a 1.00) in 1/2 and place it where you want it along the front at the top edge.

18-Sew a square (stitch/backstitch/stitch each side of the square)

You are Done! Now you get to enjoy your beautiful purse!

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  1. Cute containers and great recycled purse!

  2. Really cute purse! How did you sew through all the layers of denim - especially when doing the corner? Last timed I tried to sew through denim it really messed up my machine.

  3. "Stevens Family": With my denim needle I just go really SLOW on the machine and help guide it. Because in the past I have broken a couple of needles I learned to sew the inside fabric to the skirt just under the "belt area" rim. So its not that thick.

  4. Hi Heather,
    Super Cute purse. I love the swirly stitches! I posted a picture of Jen's with a link back to you tonight!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. It’s one of my goals to learn how to make a handmade bag. I’ve been trying to make one but I keep on failing. Anyway, I’m sure that by following the step-by-step procedure you provided, I’ll be able to soon create even a very simple bag. Thanks!

    -Rhonda Munoz

  6. Super nice! Love it! Thanks!


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