Monday, January 25, 2010

DIY Fun Features For Blog Tutorial!

Heather came across a darling blog and shared it with me a couple weeks ago. Her name is "Cocoa" and she has a big, beautiful, chocolatey family. How creative is THAT? I book-marked her site right away and was SO excited that she has some awesome tutes (tutorials) and inspiration on there!!

In particular, I have already used and enjoyed some of Cocoa's blog-design tutes!! Can you tell?? (Looky-looky up at the cute little heart "Favicon" next to our blog address and tab!! Also our new menu bar under the header!! And looky here at my personalized signature!!) I'm GIDDY!!! I just had to share! Thanks for the tutes, cute Cocoa! XO Pin It

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  1. Thanks Ang! I came across a tute like this when I was knee deep in blog design and though I had saved it. Never got around to it - thanks for the reminder! Now what to do... Hmmmm. Any ideas?


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