Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A New Author on The Creative Homemaker!

Okay ladies... Are you ready for some serious "Eye Candy"?
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I am SO excited to announce that I have a NEW (additional) author on my blog! Tomorrow we will meet HEATHER. She is THE Creative Homemaker of ALL creative homemakers, and I am extremely honored to be associated with her!! You are NOT going to want to miss out on what she has to share! In the near future we will even take you on a virtual tour through her home, and you will get to see what I mean. The girl's got some serious talent, and ideas that will inspire you like no other!

I am honored to get to introduce Heather to you all. (I hope she doesn't mind.) hehe.

Heather is a busy SAHM of 4 children and wife of an awesome guy named Will. She lives about a mile from me, and I've known her for a while now. I've always been amazed with the ideas that come out of that head of hers! She takes creativity to a whole new level in my opinion, and I am more than thrilled to share this blog with her.

Heather was the primary president in our ward before me, and is now in the stake primary presidency (go figure). She is a kindred spirit of mine, a true friend, and just a neat, neat person. I just love her and know you will love her too!

Something I've always admired about Heather is that she is always serving others. I cannot count the many times I've seen her in action, whether it be bringing a meal to a neighbor in need, or stopping by someone's house to help them clean when they've been sick.

Heather is a great mom, and a very creative one at that! She has 3 beautiful girls and 1 darling little boy, and thinks of the most creative things to do with them and for them. They are so lucky to have her as their mommy!

So that's a little bit about Heather. Tomorrow she will be showing us what she is doing for her teacher Christmas gifts, so stay tuned! We will both be doing our very best to post once/week each. So come visit us often and see what's new!! Pin It


  1. I love Heather, too! And not even because I have to...but because she is a true friend. I am so excited that you will all be able to get to know her. She is incredible.


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