Monday, June 15, 2009

Xpressions Dance Academy

I'm really excited about a dance studio I recently learned about! It's called Xpressions Dance Academy, located in Nampa off the Franklin Rd. exit. I met the "mom-prunuer" owner last week, who is my neighbor Alexis. She is such a darling mom of 3 with an incredible passion for dance. I hear she is also an extremely talented dancer who has been dancing her whole life. Anyway, Xpressions is run by Alexis and her mother (whom I also met last week)- two very neat ladies!

What I am really excited about are her summer dance camps, like the "Princess Camp" for little girls between ages 3-6, and also "Hannah Camp" (you know- Hannah Montana) for age 7-9. Round one of Princess camp was this week, but she will be doing another one in July! The Hannah camp is next week. I think she is still taking sign-ups, so hurry on over to check it out! Pin It

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