Friday, April 3, 2009

Sugardoodle... Conference... Attention LDS Moms!

I have put some of my creations on over the last few months. I still have several more to send, but haven't had a chance yet. This last Sunday (3/26) I taught sharing time in primary about the counsel in heaven and the plan of salvation, and I tied it in with general conference, and how God gave us prophets as part of His plan to help us know how to return to Him someday. I made this plan of salvation visual aid and also cut out pictures of the scriptures, the Savior, Joseph Smith's first vision, temple, and President Monson speaking at gen. conf. from past Ensigns/Friends. When I did the lesson, we put those pictures up around the 'earth' when I tied in gen. conf.

Also, speaking of (my most fave website!!) and general conference, there are a ton of great General Conference ideas and packets to chose from there!!

I'll let you know when I get more of my creations sent. I'll give you links to my other stuff when I get a chance.

BTW, we are heading to SLC in about an hour for the weekend. We don't make it over to UT too often, even though it's only 5 hours away. You UT gals... Is there anywhere I should stop? Distribution and Ikea are on my list. But I am also in need of a wheat grinder still!! I am leaning toward the Wondermill. I'm thinking UT might be the place to find the best deal. ??? Help?

Love you ladies!! Have a FAB conference weekend!! XOXO Pin It


  1. I am planning on using your POS clipart. I'm grateful that you are willing to share. Just for your knowledge, resurrection only has one s though. keep up the good work.

  2. AAHHH! {horrified scream} Oh no... I misspelled a word on my clipart? I will fix that right this minute and send it back to Melanie (SD). Thank you, Jennifer for catching that! I wish someone would have told me like a week ago!! Shoot!! Thank you thank you!! :)


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