Sunday, April 26, 2009

My-Town Swim Lessons- Angie

My boys took their first swim lessons from the neatest people, whom we've known for many years. Angie's Sharks and Minnows swim school is located in West Boise (near Centenial High School) and they are fabulous!! It's a backyard, heated pool and they have been teaching swim lessons for 22 years now! It's being run by Angie Hobson and her mom, Mary Gleason. Angie is the head instructor and is a SAHM of 4 kids. She has Kortney Belnap, a BYU college student that teaches with her. I love the way they teach children how to swim! My boys had Gina (Angie's younger sister) as their instructor a few years ago. They are all great with kids and really know how to make it fun and non-intimidating, which is so nice!! Pin It


  1. We go to Angie too! My boys love her. This is our 3rd year going. We signed up last week for our 2 sessions. Angie really helped my boys get over their fear of the water. My 8 1/2 year old still has a ways to go but has made a TON of improvement thanks to Angie and Kortney! We can't wait until June! This year my daughter is starting too.

  2. Can you email me contact info for them? I am looking for swimming lessons for my 4 year old this summer. Thanks!

  3. My daughter has taken lessons from Angie and Kortney since she was three. When she was three, she wouldn't even get in the water. I was worried she'd never learned to swim. But with Angie and Kortney's patience she is 9 years old now and swimming beautifully. They knew how to ease her into things without scaring her. I appreciated that because I knew if they pushed her too hard she wouldn't want to go back. They made it fun for her and I am so proud of the progress that she has made.
    I just signed her up again this year. I signed my son up too.

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  5. I agree. You have created an excellent site. In regards to swim lessons, I think it's great that you found someone you like to give your child swim lessons. There are tons of other places to get swim lessons in Boise, but you found the one that works for you. Thanks for sharing!


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