Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm Still Alive

How's everyone? I have not posted in a long time it seems... And I am totally okay with it. Whew! I've had some catching up to do in other areas of my life, and I'm still not caught up. (Will I ever be??) Probably not, but I'm okay with that too I guess.

I've decided that I cannot do it all, and that it's OKAY! I've decided that my time is precious and is best spent with the ones I love the most. I just cannot figure out how some women can do couponing and blog about it too. Do they just not sleep? Do they have superhuman powers? I just can't seem to figure it out... And I'm not even going to try.

My most fave [me-time] hobbies/interests right now:
-The Biggest Loser (the only show I never miss every week)

My most important responsibilities/needs right now:
-My husband and children
-My primary calling at church
-My home
-My health (diet/exercise/sleep)

Hours in a day for all of it: Never enough!!

Something's gotta give!!
Right now I am raising a family and keeping a strong marriage. That is number 1.
I am the primary president in my ward. That is number 1 1/2.
A clean and orderly home... Number 1 3/4.
My kids mom, my husband's girlfriend, ME, myself, and I... 2.

Well, looks like the other stuff is going to have to come last. That's why I've not posted in a while. And I am not going to worry about it anymore. I am hearby releasing myself from regular posting on The Creative Homemaker.

I have a long list of things I still want to post about including Ideas, "Tutes", My Town shout-outs, and more. I've promised a weekly "blogger of the week", and a "keeping it real" series. It's all there on my white-board and all in my head! But it can't be on my priority list, so... check back again for more sporatic posts. XOXO Pin It


  1. may i suggest having guest posters? delegate delegate delegate!
    I think it is awesome that your putting things in a list of priorities!

  2. Good for you Angela! No need to feel guilt. You're doing what's most important!

  3. Way to go on choosing the best part! There are different seasons in our lives and yours is your family. One thing that a mom at my daughters school shared that I loved was that we all have different size plates that we can fill with our responsibilities. Some may have a bread plate while others have a charger. We need to only put on what our plate will hold. If we put too much on something will fall off.

  4. Good for you Angela! Your family is lucky to have you!

  5. Cheers! I salute you! I agree with your priorities! I think a weekly post is great! You have to do what works for you and your family! What a lucky family you have! You should feel no guilt! You're awesome!


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