Friday, March 27, 2009

Swimming Lessons and Gymnastics!

I found out the info on the swimming lessons in west Boise...

Angie is putting together the class schedule for the upcoming swim season. Anyone who wants to can call her at 322-0114 to sign up or get more information.

A little about her: She's been teaching for 18 years and has a lot of great experience. She's a stay at home mom of 4. She teaches lessons because she loves it. She creates a positive learning environment to help the kids feel comfortable and have fun. There's only one class in the pool at a time and only 6 children per class. For the beginner classes, a second instructor is also in the water to assist.

And gymnastics! This one I didn't know about, so this is so exciting to me! In fact I'm going to contact her right away to sign up my kids. I don't live too far from her. Thanks Lindsay!...

I have taught gymnastics in the summer for about 10 years, I have never changed my prices because I want to be affordable. I only teach in the summer because we do it outside. I have bars and a beam and mats and a springboard and tons of other equiptment, we just take it outside. Anyway if anyone is interested I teach ages 3-12 or so we start when school gets out which usually ends up being the second week in June to match up with many schools and we go until the end of August. Classes are once a week for one hour and cost 25.00 per month. Anyway if anyone is onterested you can email at or call Lindsay at 631-1902.
The location is on Mcmillan between Can-Ada and Star usually moms get some carpools going though. Pin It


  1. We've been going to Angie for swimming lessons for the past five years. We love her. She is always so happy and positive and nice to my kids. She teaches them a lot without pushing them too hard or scaring them. My daughter used to be afraid of the water but now you would never know it.

  2. I love checking out your blog! So, I am giving you the Lemonade award! Check it out:

  3. I am looking for a phone number or contact information for Dunkley Family Swim School or Angie's Shrks and Minnows.

  4. Wow. Swim lessons AND gymnastics? I've heard of swim lessons, but not swim lessons AND gymnastics. Interesting. I think you are on to something here. Either way, I'm glad to hear about young Boise kids taking swim lessons for their own enjoyment and for their safety. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children, and swim lessons are the most important thing a parent could do for drowning prevention. Thanks for sharing!


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