Monday, March 23, 2009

My Town Rocks!

I know my readers are from all over the US and maybe beyond, but this week I want to share several things with you from my town- the Boise, Idaho area.

I LOVE living here!! I grew up in the beautiful Portland, Oregon area. I lived my high school and college years in amazing California (in the central valley and bay area), then moved here in my early twenties to SW Idaho. This is where I met my husband and plan to raise our family. Both of our families reside here as well, and I don't think anyone plans to go anywhere. My baby sister and her little family are in Kansas at this time, but will probably end up back here as well. So you can say that we are IDAHOANS to the core, and proud of it!

I want to learn about your towns too, so if you post something neat about your town will you please email me with a link?? I may have to come and visit!! I will be flying to Kansas with my other sis for a visit in a couple of months and I CANNOT wait!! I have never been farther west than Arizona- is that sad or what? I hear that Kansas is awesome, and that the people are warm and friendly- just how I like it! I will take pictures when I go and report the great things I find out about there! Are you from the Witchita area? Can you tell me something not to miss out on?

My friend, Amanda has a blog called Don't Get Bored in Idaho. She takes her family to different places around town, then tells us all about them. She has tons of info on her blog about our area and our state, like things to do and tons of links to great recources!

This week I have a lot to share about my town. Stay tuned! Pin It


  1. I grew up in Boise Idaho, and love to come home to visit. Currently I live in Chicago, IL. The Windy City! I've enjoyed collecting up more and more craft ideas and have expanded from Stamping to Quilting/Sewing to Crocheting to Digital Scrapbooking to almost anything. Not a whole lot of craft stores in this area, or at least they are harder to find.

    There is always something going on in Chicago!

  2. I live in the Central Valley in Ca! Just curious as to what town you lived in. Small World!

  3. I live in the Central Valley in Ca! Just curious as to what town you lived in. Small World!


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