Friday, March 13, 2009

My Town- Other Mothers

Hey, I just found out that this Friday and Saturday (March 13&14) Other Mothers in Boise (Fairview/FiveMile) is paying out an extra 10% cash or credit for cribs and toddler beds! That's 55% cash or 65% credit (of the selling price). They will pay an extra 5% on most other baby furniture and equipment as well. This is the highest % you will find in town! Call them at 376-4855 with any questions.

Be sure to tell 'em I sent ya!! :) Have a FAB weekend!! XO Pin It

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  1. I LOVE that store! I grew up in Boise (now live in the Portland area) and every time I'm visiting my family I go and stock up on kids clothes! I think you met my mom the other day, she owns Renewed Expressions Boutique.


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