Friday, March 27, 2009

Lessons in My Town

If you live in my town, where do you take your kids for lessons? Do they take piano? Dance? Preschool? Sports? What about Swimming?

As far as sports go, we have liked Meridian PAL sports and have done soccer, flag football, and baseball through them. I've heard of a couple of others that are good as well but haven't tried them out. We love the YMCA for Y-Ball (basketball).

I am looking for a piano teacher for my 2 oldest, but I obviously have not been very dilegient. Anyone know of a good one? And affordable?

My daughter takes dance from Macie at Dance-Sessions Studio. It is very affordable, which is nice when it comes to the young, beginner dancers! She does the lessons at her home in her garage studio. Before we moved across our town my daughter took dance from Stephanie at Stephanie's Star Dance. She is also good, and very affordable too and does the lessons from her home as well.

Preschool... Hmmmm, who still doesn't have a full waiting list for this year? I love Miss Susan's Preschool in west Boise, Advantage Preschool in south Meridian, and Shasta's Preschool in west Meridian. (Shasta is still taking sign-ups for this fall I think.) Her phone number is 898-9893 if you are interested.

And for swimming lessons... I have 3 great recommendations. Finz Swim School in west Meridian, oh shoot... I think I lost the other two's info. Check back later on that! Sorry. One of them is in west Boise and the other in south Meridian. Pin It


  1. We have a wonderful piano teacher - she is $40/mo - but we live Five Mile/Victory area, and you may not want to drive that far!

    Preschool? I teach preschool in my home and have a few openings left for fall! Feel free to email me at yoderfam at gmail dot come for more info! I have a website, but it still has last years info on it. I'll be updating it soon! -

    Swim lessons? Dunkley Family Swim School - Off of Victory just east of Five Mile. I've taken my kids there for years and I love it!

  2. I have taught gymnastics in the summer for about 10 years, I have never changes my prices because I want to be affordable. I only teach in the summer because we do it outside. I have bars and a beam and mats and a springboard and tons of other equiptment, we just take it outside. Anyway if anyone is interested I teach ages 3-12 or so we start when school gets out which usually ends up being the second week in June to match up with many schools and we go until the end of August. Classes are once a week for one hour and cost 25.00 per month. Anyway if anyone is onterested you can email at or call Lindsay at 631-1902.
    The location is on Mcmillan between Can-Ada and Star usually moms get some carpools going though.


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