Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Couponing Misdemeanors

Forgive me, but I have to "vent" about something (a first for me on this blog I think)... Fraud is not okay! Some couponers have taken things way too far and it is ruining things for the rest of us. So annoying!! I've witnessed a little greed and a bit of fraud with my very own eyes recently. So sad! I received an email with some copied coupons in a .pdf file the other day. I knew they had to be fraudulent because you cannot copy/paste, scan or photocopy coupons. There is a reason for a limit to how many coupons you can print off the Internet. I heard that companies can track the coupon number to the computer it was printed from, so watch out clever Colgate coupon scanner!

I also ran into an old friend at Albertson's a few months ago that took the IP's (Internet Printables) and copied them over and over to use on all of the promo items they were buying. Maybe they were indeed just ignorant, but doesn't common sense say that that is dishonest? Promo sales are too crazy for cashiers to even notice! This was the very reason that the Nampa (Idaho) Wal-mart does not accept IP's anymore, as of recent. Come on you guys!! Let's have some integrity! (BTW, if you don't have a guilty feeling right now then I'm obviously not talking to you.) But there is obviously a problem in the area with fraudulent couponers. This makes me sad. It results in privileges lost for honest people.

And Wags (Walgreens)... They are about to stop their rebate system! I heard as of May it will be no longer. How sad is that? Their reason? Us "couponers". My good friend did some homework yesterday and visited/called several Wags stores, talking to managers and such. The manager of one of the stores heard that she teaches couponing classes and wouldn't even give her the time of day. Another one (at a different store) was just plain rude to her and wouldn't even answer a question she had. (And some others were also very nice too.) She teaches her classes with the rules of couponing and how to do it with integrity, so she was taken back by the one manager that had always been so good to her in the past. Is Wags warn out? Are they being taken advantage of?

One more... Two other ladies stayed up late last night planning their shopping for the big Huggies sale at Walgreens today. When they arrived there were ladies there buying cases of diapers that they had ordered previously, one in particular with like 20 cases, only to go back and clean the rest right off the shelf. I'm sorry, but that is down right greedy. Not only that, where's the common sense on the store manager's part? Wouldn't they think some people might want to come to the store expecting to buy diapers? I'm sorry, but this has got to stop!! Stop taking advantage and start having some integrity, people!!

Now for my disclaimer... Again, if you are feeling offended and/or guilty right now then maybe it's a good time to evaluate yourself. But I am in no way trying to hurt feelings, criticize or put anyone in their place. I don't even know who the offenders even are, and if I do I would never disclose names or hints out of respect for them!! Let's just be careful from now on and help each other do it right. There. I got it out, whew! Thanks for listening.

Next time I post, I promise it will not be about couponing! In fact I have a lot more great things to share with you! Stay tuned, and have a fantastic day!! Pin It


  1. Hi Angela! Now that I see your profile pic, I think I saw you at my stake women's conference last Saturday. Was that you? Cool!

    Anyway...this has been an issue with me too. I have been doing the couponing/rebates for 6 years here, and it has only become a problem in the past 6 months or so. Too many people are getting greedy and it is causing problems with the stores. I have never had problems until now. It is VERY frustrating. I am glad I have my stockpile built up so I don't have to sorry about it if Walgreens stops their program but let's hope they don't.

    Photocopying coupons is a HUGE no-no and if it continues it will ruin coupon shopping for all of us when no stores allow them to be used any more. PLEASE STOP if you are doing that! I love using printable coupons and want to keep using them.

    I hope everyone remembers that THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER SALE. Believe me! In 6 years I have never paid for toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, among other things. More sales always come! Let's be coupon savvy and make sure everyone gets some of the deals!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I have some great info on my blog about coupons, how to use them and get organized.


  2. Are they going to discontinue coupons and rebates at Walgreens in just your area or all over?

  3. I couldn't agree with you more. I am so frustrated with idiots like that!

  4. Ang, You go girl! I am glad you are willing to say what most people are afraid to say. Thank you for standing up for what is right. It was very well put!

  5. MARNE- Yes! That was probably me that you saw at the stake womens conference on Saturday! So we must live close. Fun! Now I just have to meet you! Email me sometime and we'll chat.

    KATIE- I heard that Wags will just do away with rebates, but not the register rewards (money-back catalinas). And I assume it's Walgreens-wide and not just in my area. (But maybe not! Don't know!) I don't know any of the details yet. This is just hear-say, so I'm sure we will find out more soon.

    All of you- thanks for your comments! Love you! :)

  6. Angela, Thank you for speaking for the rest of us. I read through all of the "money saving blogs" and have seen some very sad ideas. One lady even said she goes and buys jeans at the Gap Buy 1 get one 1/2 off, then takes the one back that she paid full price for. I think integrity is everything!!! We have to remember too that we aren't the only ones feeling the crunch during these times, retailers also are. We need to respect them and appreciate them for the deals they do give us! Thanks for your post! You are great!

  7. thanks Ang sooo much. I too was frustrated monday when I went to walgreens to buy some of the fructis conditioner, I never stock up and buy 20, I just wanted three or four of them, and they were all gone, less than 40 hours since the ad came out!
    In these hard times there are definitly some people who could use these deals, some more than others, some who don't have money to buy 10 or more, but are just trying to be thrifty and it is just not considerate. Also, these stores will catch on and stop offering these deals or even raise their prices to make up for losses from dishonest people, which will hurt us all.

  8. Katie and Victor- the change of the program is corporate wide.

    Jeni- I have seen the post about the gap "lady" I will not name names either, but I am glad that someone else raised an eyebrow on that one.

    FYI Marne has some great info and advice to follow. She is an honest couponer as far as I can tell.

    Angela- you are so right. Some need to take a step back and re-evaluate on this situation. I hate for it to be ruined for good, honest coupon shoppers. We are already feeling the brunt of the cashiers who just delt with one of those rude or dishonest shoppers. I hate to loose this great money saving tool.
    You are right the hoarding needs to stop. I like when I see that people to coupon deals to share with others. There are still lots of good ones out there.
    My friend Cathy and I write for
    faulesslyfrugal dot com and you won't find any dishonest money saving scenario's there.

  9. like the free mentos gum people were going and buying 15-20 at at time and that is crazy and unfair. We all want to get the good deal too and their is nothing left because everyone is clearing the place out!

  10. I completely agree with most of the comments posted here. I have been an avid couponer for many years (before there were even blogs, I know that makes me old!) and I have never had as many problems with cashiers as I have in the last few months. I think people are in a crazy coupon frenzy!! I think the important thing for everyone to do is practice a little MODERATION. Its not all about getting the best deal at the expense of everyone else around you, including the store and the manufacturer. Remember we are all in this together and do you really need 30 tubes of toothpaste RIGHT NOW! As someone said before there will always be another sale.
    I think the original intent of most bloggers is to share knowledge and help others find great deals, So lets all keep that in mind and just practice a little courtesy!!

  11. Amen to everything. I'm an honest couponer and don't want this fun priviledge taken away.

    Has anyone had problems with Target recently? I tried to buy a "Johnson & Johnson Bath Buddy" for .97 with my $1.00 off coupon, yesterday. They said they don't allow you to purchase an item that is worth less than the coupon. After a bit of discussion and speaking to the manager, they did finally give it to me. (I showed that the product was right there on the coupon.)They also said they've been, "cracking down on coupons" recently. ---This was at the Target on Eagle Rd/Chinden.

  12. I agree.....I try to help people get a good deal on my blog and teach them t play nice. But it has gotten out of control the last few months. I spend hours a week on with Walgreens trying to figure out how to best help everyone....not just a few people who buy the whole store!

  13. Good for you Ang! I was at Wags trying to buy diapers this week and the girl ahead of me had a STACK of IP's - the only way she could have had all of those was to have copied them! I'm sure you're right that in the midst of the chaos clerks don't think to question where she's getting so many coupons! I'm worried too that retailers will stop allowing couponing because so many people are taking advantage of them. Miss you!

  14. I just need to say AMEN to everything you said! I kind of blogged a bit a few weeks ago about a woman at Kmart who was in front of my buying 20 things of FREE deodorant (because it was double coupons and apparently she gets 20 papers?!) Anyway ~ so annoying and probably someone who just hasn't enjoyed the fun and satisfaction of all this. I wanted to ask so badly if I could just have the 1 or 2 that I came for...but she seemed pretty intense on getting them all. Who knows ... maybe she has 20 stinky teenages who needed it more than I did, lol.
    For me personally, sharing the deals is most of the fun. Thanks for your post....and here's to the future :)) Keri Lyn

  15. Keri Lyn- Oh my gosh... That is so funny- and so ridiculous! I would have wanted to ask her to share too. I don't know how people can hoard like that without feeling major guilt! It's so easy to want to buy everything on the shelf when it's such a good deal, but these women are not thinking of others. And I agree... sharing and seeing everyone benefit from the great deals with you is what's most fun!


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