Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Eve

It's Valentine's Day Eve (as well as Friday the 13th- does this mean good luck in love??) so what does everyone have planned for the big day? Do you have a tradition or two that you and your family or sweetheart do every year for Valentine's Day? Special meals? Romantic date?

I usually start out the day with pink heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast, then heart-shaped sandwiches for lunch (cut with a cookie cutter).

Then for dinner we have our traditional heart-shaped meatloaf with either pink mashed potatoes or sauted red potatoes. (I'd throw in a recipe for my meatloaf, but I never use one- it's different every time.) Also heart-shaped bisquets, red jello and a green veggie. I also like to set the table in red and white and put a little Valentine trinket and treat on each family member's plate.

And of course you have to have some kind of scrumptious, festive dessert on Valentine's Day!
Do you remember the cookie bouquet that I did a few weeks ago? What about using heart-shaped and XO cutters instead and you've got table centerpiece? Here is another recipe that could be used for this.

Here is a recipe for some chocolate cookies I made last year.

Or if you live in my town, and you would like someone else to make dessert for you, you can order something sweet from my friend, Christy!

I think for my pancakes this year I am going to be inspired by Michelle over at Made By Michelle! Her Valentine's Day pancakes look so delicious and healthy, yet super festive! She posted her recipe and everything here. Michelle is so creative and talented, and has some great things to offer in her online store. Be sure to go check it out!

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  1. Thank you for the warm introduction! Enjoy the pancakes and have a fun Valentine's Day! I'm impressed with how festive you are!

  2. Thanks for all the Valentine hints. I love the meatloaf and can't wait to make it!

  3. NO WAy! I didn't think anyone else did a heart meatloaf! I always do them and I grew up on them for valentines dinner!


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