Monday, January 26, 2009

My Town Monday- Chronic Tacos

We have a new Mexican restaraunt here in my town! It's called Chronic Tacos. Mexican food is mine and my husband's fave, so we thought we would go try it out the other night. I am here to report that Chronic Tacos is going on our list of favorites! It's like the "Subway" of Mexican restaraunts. Everything is made fresh every day, and it tastes amazing! And their prices are very reasonable!

The guys working there were really cool and personable. It was a pleasant experience. We will definately eat there again! I guess Chronic Tacos was founded in Southern California. They are all over CA, and there's one in AZ. We are lucky to have one here! Go try out Chronic Tacos if you haven't already. It's located on the SE corner of Eagle/Franklin. When you get there, tell them Angela sent you and get a $1 off coupon! Pin It


  1. On the subject of great, unexpected restaurants, back in the '80s I was a road warrior for a satellite dish install company. Traveling thru Georgia, my partner and I stopped at a motel for the night and went looking for Chinese food for dinner.

    We happened across a fancy-looking restaurant, The China Garden. Its exterior had thousands of dollars worth of Chinese statues, a bridge across a moat, etc. We figured it would be pretty pricey, but we were hungry, so went in.

    They had a buffet that cost, like $5.95. All the food was fresh and was some of the BEST Chinese food I've ever eaten (even in Hong Kong!).

    I figured they'd become the McDonalds of Chinese food! If they're still in business, and you're ever in the area, check 'em out.

    Best regards,


  2. Oh man how I wish I would've happened across this place last weekend when I was there! We drove all over looking for "Cafe Rio" just to discover it was not in Boise! We settled for another fresh mex, which was good too, but it would have been fun to try this new place! Next time, I guess!

  3. Yum! This sounds great! Wish we had one here. Myself and my husband are all about the Mexican food, as well.


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