Friday, January 16, 2009

The Crafty Friendship Blog Award- for ME!

Wow! I feel SO honored!! Thank you so much Brenda over at Deck the Halls for this Crafty Friendship Blog Award! I will wear it proudly on my left sidebar! If you haven't been over to Deck the Halls, you better go check it out. Brenda is super creative and crafty. She inspires me with lots of fab ideas. Girl's got talent! I'm so glad to have met her through blogging. She's a kindred! You HAVE to go see what she did to her little girl's bedroom!

Now it's time for me to nominate 7 other crafty bloggers who inspire me...
Oh, it's too hard!! There are too many of you! And I don't even have the time to decide on just 7 right now. (These first few weeks of my new calling have been extra busy for me!)

So to make it easy for myself this time, I am nominating all those who's links are on my right sidebar. You are all so inspiring to me, whether you're on my links list or not. By the way, if you have a blog that needs to be on that list please let me know so I can pay you a visit! (Email link is on right sidebar.)

So if you are on my links list, please copy/paste the award and consider yourself nominated by the Creative Homemaker! You are my favorite blogs to visit! XOXO Pin It


  1. I nominated you too! Brenda from Deck the Halls & I must have good taste..

  2. Oh wow! Thank you Stef!! I will post about this on Monday!


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