Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Cheer

I keep forgetting to post about another elf website I found out about recently. It's called Elf on the Shelf! Go check it out- it looks really cute.

This year has been really crazy and a bit more stressful for me than usual, so I'm barely managing to get teacher gifts sent to school with my kids. I didn't send cards this year, nor goodie plates or friend gifts either. It's just not in the cards for me this year!

But I do have plenty of quick gift-giving ideas to share with you anyway! Some cute ones I have found on some other blogs are:
Neighbor Treats, Reindeer Noses, Slippers- (a funny gag) and a Snowman Kit at It's All in My Head.
Peppermint Patties and Scrabble frames over at Bizzy Bee.
Neighbor gifts at Life Frosing.
Last minute teacher gifts from Skip to My Lou.

Here are a few of the ones I have done in years passed. (I don't know how to put them on here in .pdf form, so if you want a copy of any of these you will have to copy/paste the .jpg image onto your computer and manipulate it to fit the page for printing. I lost all of these on my hard drive when my computer crashed a couple years ago, so these are just scanned copies. Sorry. :(

I also just made this cute treat for my son to take to his Secret Santa exchange tomorrow. In case you can't read it very well, here is the quote for the Whoppers candy. "Christmas is coming and so are the deer. Listen closely and bells you will hear. Along with them come special treats. Reindeer droppings for you to eat!"

Finally, every Christmas I say the same thing- "I'm never doing homemade gifts again!" They are SO time consuming. But they are also very special. So what do I do every year still? I end up making some homemade gifts. This year I made my sis-in-law a bunch of bows, headbands, and flower clips for her new baby girl. I am aslo making tu-tu's for my two girls and my two nieces. I found the tu-tu tute on Viola, my new fave blog! Pin It


  1. Ang~ Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have been searching and searching for these kind of ideas...but with very dismal luck. I've got something in the works, buy I already feel a huge sense of relief for next year that I have access to all these ideas. Hope things are well for you. Hang in there, February is bound to be mellow....hopefully :)

  2. More great ideas. They're making me hungry. Thanks Ang!

  3. ang...those "slippers" I made about 6 years ago with some friends in arizona and we actually ding dong ditched them to some friends on april fools day with a cute little poem to go with it...very funny.

  4. Your blog is so creative, I love it! I love the idea of homemade jams wrapped in a pretty towel. Thanks for sharing. Very pretty too. Keep up the great work.


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