Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Whatever Wednesday- Pinching Your Pennies

Last night a bunch of us gathered at my friend's home to learn from my girlfriend, Jenn S. the how to's about couponing. I learned that the #1 spot to go to for the most info on the hottest deals and how to's is Pinching Your Pennies. It took Jenn about 2 years to learn what she did and do what she does, because she didn't have anyone to teach her- (She's a professional couponer and money saver in my opinion!) I am so grateful she is willing to teach others how to do it. And believe me- it takes a lot of time and work to save money like that! Jenn thinks of it as a part-time job, and it has really paid off for her and her family!!
I want to be good at it too. I am working on learning all I can right now and trying to get experience so I can helps others too. So for now, go to Pinching Your Pennies and register on their site. Then you'll be able to get onto the forums and learn the tricks of the trade. PYP also has a blog that is very helpful too! There are many other sites and blogs that I have listed on my right sidebar that are way helpful as well!! Good luck! Pin It


  1. I have to tell you, I really love your blog. Thanks for putting so much time and effort into it. I have never quite learned the trick to couponing... I am going to try, though. Thanks so much!

  2. I started with the pinching your pennies website- its great! I also just heard of one called Grocery smarts. You need a code to see the printable shopping list its...

    The code is always good. The printable shopping list they have you can click on start and then you are able to click on 0nly the items you want, "shrink" them, and then you have your shopping list all done!
    I used to have to write it all down but now I use the printable list- saves lots of time!
    Thanks for the great ideas on your blog.

  3. I love pinching your pennies too! I have saved a ton of money doing couponing.. The trick is start saving your coupons.. Once you have a few months worth you really can save some money. I really enjoy your Blog!! Great info for everyone!

  4. I too have just started doing the coupon thing through pinching your pennies. I wish I could have been at your meeting with your professional couponing friend Jenn.
    Does she do guest appearences at RS enrichments? :o)
    Thanks for your blog. I really enjoy it!


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