Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday- Mom-Preneur Whitney

Instead of "My Town Monday" today I want to show you one of my readers, Whitney's etsy store called Genuine Accents. Her stuff is SO creative and classy, you just have to go check it out! I LOVE her cute button earrings, the beautiful necklaces and beaded earrings, and the SO darling pacifier holders!! I need another baby just to have one of those. (Well, I guess I don't need another baby), but these would sure be a cute gift idea for my sis-in-laws!

Okay ladies... Since the holidays have approached, let's support our fellow mom-preneurs! I want to see your cute stuff!! Email me your etsy store or blog link (email address on right sidebar) and I will check it out for myself and mention you on The Creative Homemaker for all to see!! Can't wait to see what you have to share! Pin It


  1. The links arn't working... I would love to view all her jewelry!!

  2. Stefanee! Whitney! Everyone!! OH NO!! I am SO sorry!!! I feel awful. It was late last night when I was doing this post. And I usually check the links to make sure they work. I obviously didn't do that this time. Shoot!! Lesson learned! Okay... I fixed them, so here ya go... :-)


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