Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Faves- Kraft Food & Family

Do YOU get this Kraft Food & Family magazine in your mailbox every season? I do, and I LOVE it!! I never signed up to get it, so maybe everyone gets one? Well, if you do get this magazine/cookbook, don't just toss it in the garbage (like I used to do) thinking it's just junk mail with a few Kraft coupons. There are some great recipes in there! My sister and I were looking through mine today, searching for some new dinner inspiration and found some really tasty-looking new recipes in there.

I also have to tell you, that every recipe I have tried from these magazines have been super easy, delicious and family friendly! Have YOU tried any of them? Pin It


  1. That is the best magazine!!! It is so vital in our house and we love all of the meals we cook. Your right they are easy! I am about to make the ice cream sandwich cake.....I have learned alot from this magazine. Best's free!

  2. I've gotten this magazine for 5 years now...I LOVE IT! We have gotten some of our favorite recipes from here. I especially love their Holiday edition for all the yummy goodies to make.

  3. I love this magazine! Sometimes it gets repeptitive, but it's fun to look through and alter to your own specifications, none of these recipes have to be followed exactly!

  4. This is my favorite magazine. It has the best recipes in it. My family would not eat if it weren't for this magazine. What I like is the recipes are so easy and they taste so good. You don't have to be a culinary chef to make it.


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