Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday Tutorial

How to Make a "Tag-Along" Blanky or "Taggy Blanky"

1. First you need to cut two 12 1/2 inch squares of fabric- preferably something soft and cozy. I like to do them with cozy flannel on one side (the kind that you'd use to make silky PJ's) and that really soft baby-blanket fabric (forgot the name of it) on the other, for contrasting feel. You can use whatever soft fabric you like.

2. You will need coordinating colors of ribbon, cut into 4" strips. I do 5 ribbon tags on each side of the blanky, equaling 20 strips. I usually do 2 different patterned ribbons cut into 6 strips each, and 8 of a solid color.

3. Lay the sturdiest of the fabrics down, right side up. Fold the ribbon strips in half and pin them to the edge of the fabric, with the folded part toward the middle. Pin the first 4 in the middle of the four sides first, then do the 2 on each of the outside corners.

...Then pin all 8 of the solid-colored strips in between.

4. Now sew around the edges of the square to attach the ribbon tags, and take out the pins.

5. Take the other 12 1/2 inch square of fabric and place it right-side down on top of the tagged one, and pin it together (with the tags inside).

6. Sew around the outside, starting in the middle of one of the sides. It's best to sew over the stitch that holds the tags in place (use as a guide). Sew all the way around the square, leaving about a 3" opening (for turning it right-side out). Don't forget to back-stitch at start and finish!

7. Trim around the edges and cut a diagonal edge on the corners (as shown).

8. Turn right-side out, making sure to square off the corners. Iron it flat.

9. Top-stitch around the edges to give it a finished look, and trim any excess thread. You are done!! Enjoy!

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  1. My friend makes these and they are SO cute. She does taggy balls too. Sounds simple enough from your directions that maybe I can give it a shot. I can sew (I guess) but I definitely don't claim myself to be a "sewer". I can only handle simple projects like this:)

    Oh, I've made your bread recipe twice and it is SO yummy. Almost too yummy because it's addicting to eat all week long!!!

  2. Great directions! Thanks for sharing; I've tried making one of these before but couldn't get it right...your darling example makes me want to try again!

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  4. So I've been wanting one of these for a long time and with my second baby coming in a month I decided now was the time. However, with my first baby, I received at LEAST ten blankets and maybe used three of them. So rather than buying more fabric, I took your great idea and just used one of the blankets I already had (that is made of the exact same material you used) and zigzag stitched the ribbon around the blanket. Ya you can see the stitching but I think it looks fine. And I saved time and money! Thanks for lighting the fire under my butt!

  5. I loooove this tutorial. I have seen pics of these before but the direction were never good enough to follow. I can't wait to make one!!

  6. A very darling baby in my ward has one of these that her grandma made for her. I was totally studying it and now I've found your tutorial! Thanks! I was thinking of making these as a Super Saturday idea. Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I've made a few of these, and given them as shower gifts, and everyone loves them. So simple with your step-by-step directions.

  8. Thank you for the tutorial. Just a comment though. Be careful when pressing around the edges. Those cute little bubbles in the fabric press right out.


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