Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday Tutorial

How To Link to Other Blogs or Sites in Your Posts
I've been asked by a few others how to link to other blogs in a post, so here goes:

-First, go to the other blog or site, select and copy the address above. If you are linking to a specific post, click on the title of that post, then select/copy the address above.
-Come back to your blog and click on New Post.
-Type up your post, then highlight (select) the word, title or phrase that you will be linking from.
-There is a little green spot on the tool bar with a paperclip on it (in both the Html and Compose boxes). After highlighting the word in your post, click on that green dot. (If you are in the Edit Html box you will hear a little sound and will have to go to the top and click on temporarily okay to whatever... then click on the green dot again and paste the web address where it say's http://). And make sure you don't have http on there twice.
-If you are in "Compose" you can just click on the green dot and it will let you paste it with no problem. Wallah! You've got links!!

Recipes are tutorials in a sense, and I found an awesome recipe on an awesome blog that I want to take you to!! Ann has shared a recipe she got from her friend for Homemade Granola Bars. Yum! I can't wait to try these out. Thank you for sharing this, Ann!! Click here for the recipe. Pin It

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  1. Ang - I have never known how people could have links like that -now I do! I love it! Here's my idea for next week's tutorial - how to copy and paste pictures into blogger. I can upload my own personal pictures from the computer into my blog, but not pictures from the web. Just an idea . . . thanks for the links help!


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