Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Faves- Sprayway Glass Cleaner

I have been doing a lot of deep cleaning lately, because our home just went on the market. I ran out of my favorite glass cleaner on Monday. So for the last few days until now, I've felt anxious every time I would walk past a window or mirror in my house. I finally made it over to Walmart and picked some up. Whew! The finger prints were driving me nuts! The name of this product is Sprayway Glass Cleaner, and you can find it at Walmart and Target.

This stuff is the best in my opinion. It sprays on as a foam, is streak-free and makes window/mirror cleaning a breeze.

I also use it on my stainless steel appliances and it takes the finger prints right off to a lustery shine.

I use it on my water/ice faucet on my fridge.

And even on other fixtures, like this hard scum.

I was recommended this stuff by a lady at a photo/framing shop about a year or two ago. It's what they use to clean the glass on their picture frames. After finding out about this stuff, I went straight to Target and bought some. I haven't gone back to Windex since.

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  1. your house is on the market? where are you moving? hopefully not far! kristen

  2. Good luck selling your house!!

    Also, funny this it today's fave. I was just telling my husband TODAY that I hade the streaks Windex leaves all over the mirrors! So yay for this!! I will be sure to try this soon.

  3. I love "Holy Cow!" If you haven't tried it, you should! Here's how I found out about it...

  4. I have so many favorite cleaning products! After an article I read in a magazine I went & bought a really cute caddy & put all my favorite supplies in it, so it's my very own stash of cleaning goodies. The cleaner I use the most these days is Green Works. It really does clean well, smells great & is easy on the environment! All major pluses in my book! Thanks for this post! I'll keep an eye out for that glass cleaner!

  5. i just love your blog!!! i can spend hours on it reading everything!!! hey i do have one suggestion....i'm starting to plan ethan's 1st birthday party which is in oct---it's a elmo theme but i'm stuck when it comes to food. any suggestion? maybe you can do a post about cute and creative little foods for kids and adults? i don't know ---i just don't know what to do when it comes to food. HELP!

  6. I love "The Works" it is the best for toilets!!!!! Cant wait to try the glass cleaner. Thanks!

  7. i love soft scrub! it is awesome on just about anything. and it doesn't scratch! use if to clean my sink and everything in bathrooms. and it is great for my glass stove top!

  8. Thanks, ladies for sharing your faves!!
    Alex- I did an Elmo party for Colton one year. I ended up mking the cutst elmo cake and it was SO easy!! I'll get the pics and how-to onto this blog soon! Stay tuned!!


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