Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday Tutorial

Today is tutorial day, so I am sending you over to one of my very favorite websites!
You Can Make This!

You Can Make This is where I go to find patterns and how-to's on just about anything! They sell downloadable eBooks, and the best part? Their prices are SO resonable!! I have a few of their eBooks so far, myself. The step-by-step directions in them are so easy to follow, with pictures and all.
Even more awesome- if you sign up for the YCMT newsletter, you get FREE eBooks as well!! So get over there and get yourself signed up! There's nothin' like some good FREEBIES!! Yay!
You Can Make This

Something else really fun about this site is that my cousin, Sherrie is one of their eBook authors. She is extremely creative. Her line is called Patchworkids, and she's got 8 different eBooks to choose from.
You Can Make This!

*Warning- Set a timer for yourself, because you will want to hang out at You Can Make This for hours, and your kids could go hungry. hehe. (taken from personal experience) {{giggles}} Pin It

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  1. Thanks Ang!!!! I spent hours shopping there myself, that's how I ended up working for them. :) Don't forget to sign up for the free newsletter to get free ebooks! Thanks for the plug and I love your charts and site. It's looking awesome!



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