Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Spray-On Sun Screen Comparison

Don't you love the spray-on sun screens? I do! They are so quick, easy and less messy. I did a comparison between two brands- Coppertone and Banana Boat...
Positive: I noticed that the Coppertone sprays on very evenly and is a clear liquid-like substance. (Picture of back after spraying.) It's nice becasue you don't have to rub it in after spraying.
Negative: It dries so fast so it makes it hard when you spray it in your hand to put on your kids' faces, (so I like to have the stick or lotion kind along for that).
Positive: The Banana Boat sprays on so less mess. Easier to spray into your hand to put on kids' faces.
Negative: It doesn't spray on very evenly (as in picture) becasue it is more of a lotion. You have to spray on, then rub in like lotion.

My personal fave? It would have to be the Coppertone spray! Do you have another one you really like? Please share!! Pin It

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