Thursday, July 3, 2008


I LOVE birthdays!! What a great opportunity to make a child feel important and boost their self-esteem! Decorations put up the night before the big day are very important. I made this wreath several years ago. Another, much easier idea is a balloon wreath. (Stay tuned, I will do a tutorial soon). It just takes a straw wreath, a bunch of balloons and some floral pins.
Now we must decorate the kitchen table with a brightly-colored tablecloth and some party decor. This can be a plastic disposable one from Walmart or something more extravagant. I got this birthday fabric at JoAnn fabric and craft store. I had to buy a bunch and cut in half. Then I sewed the 2 pieces together so it would sit right on the table, and hemmed around the edges. (It's really easy, I promise.) Those coned (birthday-hat shaped) things are balloon weights that I bought at Zurchers party supply store for like $1.50. That frame I got at the dollar store! It says "It's your day... Celebrate". And the happy birthday banner (you can't see very well in this picture) is also from the dollar store.
These birthday ribbons- yes another dollar store find! are so fun. My kids where them with pride on their day.
Chair backs! Something I started last year. It's just a piece of material that will fit around your chair, folded and sewn. It can be solid like mine or with a cute birthday print.
I always tend to get a little carried away. So I made iron-on transfers to put on my chair backs and made boy and girl ones.
Oh, and I sewed pockets on the back of mine for their cards to go in. Again, not a necessity so you decide.
Of course, the birthday pillowcase. Just a piec of fabric (1/2 yard I think), folded and sewn. You can use your other pillowcase as a pattern. This can go on the birthday child's pillow a few days before their birthday.
I made this birthday questionare last year, for keeping track of birthday memories and journaling purposes. I fill it in for the little ones, and the older ones get to do it themselves. Then it goes in their scrapbook or file. Go ahead and print this out for yourself! I know some moms who do a birthday notebook for each child to add to each year- pictures, cards, etc.

If you have any ideas and inspiration on birthdays, PLEASE share!! I did not think of all of these ideas by myself, and I love to hear of new ones. Have fun and Happy Happy Birthday!!! Pin It


  1. I too LOVE doing kids birthdays. My mom always made sure to make our birthdays special growing up. My b-day is Dec. 24th so she really went the extra mile making sure to put up decorations, not wrap my stuff in Christmas wrap, etc.

    I've been told my friends and family that I go a little too crazy with the kids birthdays, but to me it's just one day that is all about them so why the heck not!!?? I love it.

    Thanks for the ideas. When I have more time I will send you some of the stuff I've done your way:)

  2. You have so many fabulous ideas. Thanks!

  3. Wow...those are really great ideas...I will try and incorporate those this year!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Great ideas! I love the chair covers, I wonder if a pillow case decorated may work also. The birthday questionare idea is great as well!

    We have an It's Your Special Day plate that the birthday person uses, we painted it at a paint your own pottery place but I think they sell them too.

  5. Linds- Great idea to try a pillow case! I guess it would just depend on the size of your chairs. Love the special plate idea too! Thanks for sharing! On your next family birthday you will have to post a picture of this plate, etc on your blog and let me know so I can spotlight you!! Thanks for your comments!


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