Sunday, June 15, 2008

Family Home Evening Wheel

I've always loved those fancy vinyl-lettering Family Home Evening boards with the pegs and tags. But I knew that not all my kids would be able to read it, so about a year ago I created this FHE wheel with pictures so our little non-readers could see what their job is. It has worked so well in our home! I sell these too. They are about 10 inches in diameter, complete with 6 to 8 FHE jobs, lamenated and magnets on the back for easy hanging. Pin It


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  2. How do we order from you??

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  3. Hi CH! My blog is similar to yours in that I love to share and exchange creative homemaking tips! I love your wheel idea. We're always looking for something to help improve our FHE. I'll put you on my blog roll!


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