Monday, June 16, 2008

Bathroom Reminders

Anyone potty-training right now? Anyone have BOYS? Well boys, girls, potty-trainees, neighbor kids, husbands- whomever uses your precious bathroom. I've got another chart for you! It's called the Bathroom Reminder chart. (It's about 5x7".) I created this one a couple years ago, and it hangs on the wall right above my toilets- eye level to the kiddos of course! We periodically go over it in family counsel meetings to make sure everyone remembers to read and heed.

This last time we discussed the bathroom rules, we also went over toilet paper- how many squares are the appropriate amount for wiping little bottoms! I passed a roll of TP around to each member of the family and had each of us count out 4 squares so we could practice. Now instead of TP strung out on the floor (sound familiar?) or plugging the toilet with too much, I pleasantly hear little voices from the bathroom "One, Two, Three, Four..." YES!! We'll give it a week or so. It's all about repetition, right? :) Pin It


  1. Love it! These would be great posted anywhere, especially Wal-Mart. LOL!

  2. You crack me up Ang! I think I'll need to order one of those, but to be honest, it would be for the neighbor kids!

  3. I would love to print this off, laminate it, and put it in my boys bathroom! Is it possible for me to download it? Thanks!


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